Position Dashboard

Dashboard is a complex server technology and a frontend map application for aggregation and visualization of data in time and space.
It receives and processes data through pre-defined aggregation functions on an ongoing basis.
Data are presented in a map interface in form of visualization of aggregated data reports in space for the selected time period including history.

1. Dashboard typical applications

Position Distance Matrix
    • Geomarketing analyses.
    • Sales support.
    • Monitoring of technical and operation data.
    • Source of data for management decision-making.

    2. How it works?

    • Continuous collection of source data - ETL.
    • Data are kept in safety within Dashboard technology.
    • Online aggregation of data in time and space.
    • Preparation of reports using aggregated data.
    • Visualization in Dashboard web (or native) application.

    3. What is the input information?

      The input is a point information, for example:
    • Address (X,Y coordinates) and the monitored value.
    • Technical equipment - e.g. mobile operator BTS (traffic data...).
    • Branch (point of sales, transactions...).

    4. What are the available forms of space aggregation?

    Position Dashboard Demo
    • Standard administrative classification (cadastral territories, municipalities, districts, regions).
    • User regions (sales regions, technical regions such as RF planning regions etc.).
    • Areas defined in other way (hexagonal grid, Voronoi diagrams).

    5. What are the available types of reports?

    • Standard functions such as number, sum, average, minimum, maximum.
    • Incorporation of statistical data (by population, area, incomes...).
    • Client-defined functions.

    6. Why Dashboard by Position?

    • Wide selection of report parameters - ADJUSTABILITY
    • 100% owned SW solution - INDEPENDENCE AND FLEXIBILITY
    • Own data centers - ENOUGH COMPUTING POWER
    • Possibility of implementation of the whole solution into client's infrastructure - PORTABILITY
    • No public services of third parties used - SAFETY
    • Premium space data in the whole Europe, optional language versions - GLOBAL SOLUTION
    • Verified solution - RELIABILITY


    • Petr Mašek, Sales Manager
    • mobilní telefon: +420 737 650 250

Demo application with the use of traffic data. The application makes use of Controls.js application framework. To visit the application click here: Position Dashboard demo.

Position Dashboard...

Dashboard demo

  • Dashboard demo works with information of traffic accidents, closures and road works (data from Czech national center JSDI).
  • On-line aggregation is executed within the administrative structure of the Czech Republic (municipalities, districts, regions) and over the sample layer of hexagonal grid.
  • Data layers may be viewed.
  • Multiple languages supported.
  • Authentication by demand.
  • Frontend web application was developed using our own Controls.js JavaScript framework.
  • Compatible with PCs, tablets and touchscreen mobile phones.
  • Includes automatic GUI recognition for mobile and desktop/tablet version.
  • Possibility of extension by a native mobile application.
  • Dynamic legends.
  • History graphs.
  • Operated from Position data centers.
  • The solution may be completely incorporated into client´s infrastructure.