NaviGate Web Server - Internet Maps

NaviGate Web Server

  • maps of coverage;
  • internet presentation of commercial network;
  • visualization of corporate data in intranet;
  • integration of maps into information systems;
  • public map services;
  • fleet monitoring;
  • data collection (e.g. customer suggestions, concerns, etc.;
  • web services (e.g. Routing Server);
  • map cut-outs generating;
  • maps for mobile phones (WAP, XHTML);
  • and many more...


On this map you can try the basic functions of NaviGate Web Server. You can scroll the map simply by using arrow buttons on the sides of the map, with your mouse (drag&drop) or by cursor keys, when your cursor is located in the map area. Buttons in the left upper corner may be used for zooming-in or zooming-out. To zoom-in you can also use a double-click or press and hold CTRL key and select the area to be zoomed-in. Right button of the mouse can be also used for zooming-out.

In practice the user interface is adapted to requirements of the customer, based on the graphical design of the application. Control elements may be used optionally and usually they are supplemented with some other elements, such as graphical scale, specific zoom-in levels, etc.

Do not forget to see the already finished applications.


Integration example of NGWS and desktop application “System of commercial information” (SOI) of DDM Group companies (Metrostav, Doprastav, Subterra). Possibility of visualization of spot, line and surface objects, their editing and visualization in browser environment with close linkage to SOI (Oracle) application.

Example of map interface of SOI application.