NaviGate Web Server - Internet Maps

The company Position s.r.o. disposes of its own IT infrastructure and provides multiple applications through outsourcing of map servers.

Outsourcing map servers


  • financial savings, transparent and accurate planning of costs on maintenance and development;
  • flexible reaction to required changes in applications;
  • servers are backed-up on the basis of their substitutability;
  • operative starting of applications on multiple servers in case of the expected higher load;
  • regular update of map resources and technologies;
  • guaranteed quality and level of services;
  • access to testing and development versions;
  • non-stop monitoring(24/7).


Outsourcing is appropriate also for this type of applications. Applications are operated under secured access or through (IPSec) tunnels or VLAN connections. We have sound experience with all of these operating options and thus may guarantee the trouble-free implementation.


Outsourced application usually displays customer data. Customer is supplying data by agreed means, when necessary or on regular basis. As for on-line data (e.g. drop-outs) a specific communication channel is usually agreed, through which data is loaded (e.g. web service).


Integration example of NGWS and desktop application “System of commercial information” (SOI) of DDM Group companies (Metrostav, Doprastav, Subterra). Possibility of visualization of spot, line and surface objects, their editing and visualization in browser environment with close linkage to SOI (Oracle) application.

Example of map interface of SOI application.