NaviGate Web Server - Internet Maps

JavaScript API

For development of modern web applications (AJAX, WEB 2.0, ...) the NaviGate Web Server map functions are provided in form of JavaScript API. JavaScript API is used for development of applications on the side of customer (internet browser).
In contrast to other map API the developers may program even the server part of this API, which is a clear benefit. A unique attribute is a possibility of displaying of many active objects in the map or working with layers.

JavaScript API attributes:

  • active icons with pop-up windows;
  • active objects drawn on the side of server;
  • pop-up menu assigned to the right button of mouse;
  • displaying of icons, lines and planes;
  • operation of multiple maps on single page;
  • various operating modes (zoom-in, scrolling, localization, ...);
  • geocoding;
  • supported by IE, FF, Opera;
  • ...
  • map scrolling and dynamic zoom;
  • graphical scale;
  • supporting of layers;
  • overview window;
  • searching for locations, streets or addresses;
  • searching for the nearest objects in close surroundings;
  • searching for optimal route (even through multiple positions);
  • localization of coordinates in any system of coordinates;
  • conversion between multiple systems of coordinates;


Architektura systému

PHP script language is used for development of applications on the side of the server.
Developers may use more than 400 PHP functions for working with NaviGate map and data resources. Of course, in addition to these functions, they can also use all the standard attributes and extensions offered by PHP.

Only few lines of codes are enough for launching a simple map application. NaviGate Web Server controls all the basic functions of the map application, so the developers may focus on implementation of functions required by customers.


Data for NaviGateWeb Server are fully compatible with NaviGate desktop system, which contributes to almost identical support of map functions and data formats. Click here for more details.


Close integration of all the key technologies is a guarantee of maximal server performance. All PHP functions of NaviGate Web Server have native implementation in C++ and are optimized to minimize the server load. Under standard conditions NaviGate Web Server is able to service up to several dozens of queries per second.

NaviGate Web Control
Description: NaviGate Web Control


Based on our own experience with operating of NaviGate Web Server on our own servers and servers of our customers, we can guarantee high reliability of the whole system. In case of any non-standard situations, NaviGate Web Server uses effective self-correction mechanisms that are supplemented by notification of administrators and checking of dependency on availability of data resources necessary for operation of specific application.


Particular components of NaviGate Web Server are separable and may be installed concurrently on multiple servers at a time. Thus the more demanding applications may be operated on multiple servers and the total load may be distributed to the particular servers using a load-balancing feature.

NaviGate Web Server and desktop

NaviGate desktop system is used to configure map resources for applications operated through NaviGate Web Server platform.

Supported operating systems

  • Windows® Server 2012, 2008, 2003 (recommended version is Windows® Server 2008 Web Edition)


Integration example of NGWS and desktop application “System of commercial information” (SOI) of DDM Group companies (Metrostav, Doprastav, Subterra). Possibility of visualization of spot, line and surface objects, their editing and visualization in browser environment with close linkage to SOI (Oracle) application.

Example of map interface of SOI application.