Position Services - Cloud computing

Services offered by Position cover the operation of the dedicated Position data centers, development of technologies for desktop-like applications and provision of secured customized services and applications with dynamic output allocation.

Dedicated data centers

  • Dedicated infrastructure and Position data centers for safe and reliable provision of services and applications.
  • Dynamic output allocation to particular services provided.
  • Secured mode of processing, administration and operation of client data and secured communication between the client and Position data centers.
  • High availability mode operation pursuant to SLA terms and conditions and 24/7 (non-stop) monitoring.

NaviGate platform and Controls.js technology

  • Dedicated NaviGate sw platform for the operation and administration of services and applications (NaviGate Web Server, NaviGate Web Control).
  • Controls.js application framework for quick and easy development of web based application using standardized components.
  • Development of desktop-like applications without using HTML.
  • Boundless compatibility with the commonly used browsers: IE6+, FireFox 2+, Chrome, Opera 9.26+, WebKit based browsers (e.g. browsers for mobile phones).
  • Touch support for maps and applications across mobile platforms.

Sample of framework Controls application T-Mobile GPS Locator

GPS Locator ...