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Description: RevGeo

Position Services - Reverse Geocoding service

  • Position Services - Reverse Geocoding service provides functions for the conversion of the coordinates entered to structured text information of territorial localization (addresses that offer some special information as well - such as road numbers, speed category etc.) all over the Europe.
  • Calling options: The service may be called via SOAP or HTTP GET method with parameters embedded in URL address.
  • With the second call option (HTTP) the service provides two types of output: XML or JSON.
  • Safety of the service is provided by communication via secured SSL channel - THAWTE certificate. Tradition and quality of THAWTE certificates give clients full confidence into the reliability of security.
  • Option of entering multiple coordinates at a time and also parameterization of the service (number of results, output projection, user ID, etc.)
  • Europe coverage. Possible also for few countries in South America
  • Address level precision.
  • Road numbers and route Speed Categories.
  • Position's SDB technology makes possible to customize the service (special users data integration).

Access to Position Services - Reverse Geocoding service

  • The access to the service is secured by username and password.
  • The access is possible using standard access parameters or even more easily by incorporating the access data into URL address.
  • Variant A) https://services.position.cz/?cmd=revgeocoding&auser=XXXX&apass=YYYY...
  • Variant B) https://services.position.cz/XXXX/YYYY/?cmd=revgeocoding...

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