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Description: Routing

Position Services - Routing service

  • Position Services - Routing service is a high-performance service for the calculation of the fastest or the shortest route from starting and target point with an option to add multiple pass-through points. The outcome covers basic information about the distance, time, itinerary (basic or detailed) and possibly also route geometry.
  • Calling options: The service may be called via SOAP or HTTP GET method with parameters embedded in URL address.
  • While calling using HTTP the service offers two possible outcomes: XML or JSON.
  • Output communication is by default assured via secured SSL channel - THAWTE certificate. Tradition and quality of THAWTE certificates give clients full confidence into the reliability of security.
  • Entering the starting point and the target (or pass-through points) is possible using coordinates (WGS-84, UTM, JTSK, S-42 and more) or simply with address, street or city.

Description: Routing

Access to Position Services - Routing service

  • The access to the service is secured by username and password.
  • The access is possible using standard access parameters or even more easily by incorporating the access data into URL address.
  • Variant A) https://routing.position.cz/data?auser=XXXX&apass=YYYY
  • Variant B) https://routing.position.cz/data/XXXX/YYYY/
  • The service runs in the territory of Europe, using the regularly updated Navteq data.

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