Fleetware on NaviGate - Fleet Monitoring

Fleetware on NaviGate solves the latest requirements on real-time information as well as off-line monitoring of user´s fleet, visualization on top-quality map backgrounds, and also cheap and safe operation. The solution is very flexible and allows to solve the possible requirements on integration with various corporate systems.

Fleetware on NaviGate - Desktop
Description: Fleetware on NaviGate - Desktop


  • Real-time transfer of information within Czech Republic and Europe at low operating costs.
  • Modular system of HW and SW solution.
  • Log book and other outputs – system print-outs.
  • Possibility of operating statuses and modes monitoring.
  • NaviGate map system with detailed Europe data(NAVTEQ).
  • Monitoring of corridors and alarm statuses.
  • Communication through Advanced GPRS.


  • System allows adaptation of information system communication to Fleetware system on the basis of common specification.
  • Sharing of information and parameters between systems.
  • Routes planning (NaviGate Routing Server).
  • Routing and route plan monitoring.
  • Information on trailers..


  • Bilateral text communication with driver through a-GPRS.
  • Sending of messages from vehicle through Flash memory (message delivery guaranteed).
  • The single recipient (dispatching center).
  • Receiving and storage of up to 20 messages in Car Terminal memory.
  • Monitoring of sent message status in dispatching center (sent/ received/ read).
  • New message notification in dispatching center/ confirmation by dispatching operator.
  • Possibility of entering the operating statuses.


  • Driver identification.
  • Solution for standard vehicles (private trips – company trips).
  • Solution for freight vehicles (trip, loading, unloading, break, rest).
  • Solution for special vehicles (technology statuses – gritting machines, rescue service, ...).
  • Possibility of automatic return to initial status.
  • Mode recovery after re-activation.

Web service Sledovani.cz
Description: Web service Sledovani.cz

WEB and WAP interface

  • Possibility to operate a combination of desktop system with web interface.
  • Real-time visualization for customers – forwarding companies.
  • Access to information through mobile phones (WAP) including maps.
  • Possibility of operation through Fleetware web service.
  • Example of Fleetware web service is accessible in demo mode.

Modular system

  • Desktop solution client/ server.
  • Combination with web interface (remote access, customer access).
  • Special function modules (remote control, LiveUpdate, ...).
  • Application servers for support of other functions (Routing Server).