[1] Fleet map services

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Fleet map services

Flexible services for fleetmanagement applications

  • Street level Europe maps
  • Address searching
  • Reverse geocoding - route numbers, address level, user data
  • Route optimization

Data license models

  • Routing, Optimization
  • Without MALF
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[2] Internet maps

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Navigate Web Server

Variable map technology


  • Coverage maps
  • Intranet map systems
  • Public map servers
  • Routing server
  • Integration with corporate IT
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[3] Position services

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Routing service

  • Server routing
  • Route scheduling service

Search service

  • Addresses searching
  • row and structured, hint

RevGeo service

  • Reverse geocoding

WMS Maps

  • WMS and WMTS service
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[4] Road Control

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Vehicle scheduling

  • Delivery optimisation
  • Time windows support
  • Vehicle capacity..

SW demo version

  • 14-day free trial
  • Europe coverage

Specialized maps

  • Truck maps
  • Search - ZIP codes

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Road Control - software for vehicle planning
March 2015 - technology Road Control released. Road Control is available as software or as web service. Free 14-day trial, Europe coverage. More on www.roadcontrol.eu

SAR-SMS integration
December 2014 - Vodafone Czech Republic, T-Mobile Czech Republic and Position s.r.o. launch the integrated solution and application Search and Rescue - SMS.

Position Dashboard
July 2014 - Released the Dashboard technology. Dashboard collect data, store and agregate data, calculate reports and show your technical or bussines data in space and time on the map. Demo application http://dashboard.position.cz

Controls.js - technology for building web and mobile applications - controlsjs.com
April 2014 - Position s.r.o. have released the Controls.js technology to the public for building modern web and mobile applications Controls.js. Controls.js uses web technologies while providing a user experience that matches that of the standard desktop or native applications. With tools that pack JavaScript into native applications, developers can create applications that run on multiple platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows Modern UI) from one source code.

Road Control - software for route scheduling and truck routing
December 2013 - Road Control is a set of routing and optimizing technologies, tools and services, working with high-quality road and spatial map data.

Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic
October 2013 - NaviGate Web Server and user application upgrade and map update.

Eltodo, Prague street lighting company
October 2013 - NaviGate Web Server, WMS/WMTS map services and Web Services on demand.

Revírní bratrská pokladna - health insurance company
August 2013 - accessability of health care computation.

Position Services - Search
August 2013 - service update. Row and structured input and output. Hint support, ZIP code searching support.

Zdravotní pojišťovna ministerstva vnitra - health insurance company
July 2013 - accessability of health care computation.

Česká průmyslová zdravotní pojišťovna - health insurance company
May 2013 - accessability of health care computation.

Position Distance Matrix
January 2013 - Position Distance Matrix powerful solution. Supports all routing modes. Distance matrix can be calculate base on different types of vehicles (car or truck including e.g. specific restrictions for freight traffic).

Position Services - Reverse Geocoding upgrade
August 2012 - Position Services - RevGeo newly supporting Speed Categories, ZIP codes and road numbers accross whole Europe.

VE Systems - Poland
February 2012 - VE Systems using the Fleet Map services.

T-Mobile GPS Locator
October 2011 - fully outsourced LBS aplication GPS Locator for T-Mobile Czech Republic. Deep integration with internally systems.

ÚAMK - GIS application
July 2011 - February 2012 - integration GIS application (NG cloud client) for dispatch system ÚAMK (Czech Automotoclub).

Services in South America
April 2011 - Position supplying services for customers in Europe and newly in South America.

SDB technology
December 2010 - Technology SDB - flexibile, more detailed and high output for WMS Position - reverse geocoding service.

December 2010 - New version of application framework Controls.

New Position's data center
August 2010 - Second own data center.

Position Services - Search and Routing
July 2010 - New services for addresses searching in Europe, reverse geocoding a routing.

Position Services
April 2010 - WMS Position - Maps, map services, OpenGIS specification.

Skytoll Slovakia
January 2010 - Skytoll Slovakia, supervising map application (Slovak Telecom).

December 2009 - NaviGate Routing Server - routing (europe coverage) for biggest czech map portal MAPY.CZ

Maps 1188
November 2009 - a new addresses searching technology (WMS Position - Search).

Konica Minolta Romania
October 2009 - integrated map application for dispatching centre, Konica-Minolta Romania.

Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic
January 2009 - map application for RCC ŘLP (Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic).

March 2009 - integrated map application for dispatching centre.

Mobilking Poland
July 2008 - map server services for Mobilkom Poland signal coverage.

T-Mobile Slovakia
January 2008 - map server services for T-Mobile Slovakia signal coverage, including intranet application for possible outages of the service.

December 2007 - beta version of map server for information service 1188.

ČEZ, a.s.
September 2007 - internet map server for ČEZ, a.s.

Vodafone Czech Republic a.s.
July 2007 - intranet NaviGate Web Server for internal use by Vodafone Czech Republic a.s.

T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s.
July 2007 - map server services for T-Mobile signal coverage, including intranet application and solution for mobile systems.

ČEZ Distribuce, a.s.
July 2007 - map server services for visualization of distribution networks in ČEZ Distribuce intranet.

Statement to Telefónica O2 networks
May 2007 - map server services to delimit the area of concern for automatic making of statements regarding the routing of Telefonica O2 Czech Republic, a.s. networks