NaviGate - Desktop maps

Routing module
Description: Routing module


  • Searching for shortest or quickest route.
  • Unlimited number of transit points.
  • Points may be set anywhere (not only in crossings or edges).
  • Maneuvers for passing the complex crossings.
  • Saving of routes for later use.
  • Detailed route description (plan).
  • User setting of speed on particular types of communications.
  • Detailed Europe map backgroung (NAVTEQ) for navigation down to the level of local communications.

Stopway distance - Isochrons
Description: Stopway distance - Isochrons


  • Distance and time calculation.
  • Possibility of defining color coding of particular parameters.
  • Saving of color coding schemes for later use.
  • Simple creation of color transitions for color coding.
  • Visualization by network graph and/ or planes.

Traffic news service
Description: Traffic news service


Up-to-date traffic news in the Czech Republic.

  • Accidents, closures, traffic levels, ...
  • Regular updates at specific frequency.
  • Possibility of saving the current traffic situation for later use.
  • Good supplement to fleet monitoring Fleetware on NaviGate.

Traffic news service provider for NaviGate is ÚAMK.

Mobile data
Description: Mobile data


This module is designed for mobile operators who usually need to have (almost) all the data with them. Outside their offices they have no chance to connect to data sources in their company newtorks (SQL and file servers).

Selected data (including data from SQL servers) are synchronized to local disc in user´s notebook. The module then simply toggles between live data and local copy based on availability of network data sources.

GPS module
Description: GPS module


  • On-line showing of current position on the map.
  • Navigation bar with indication of up-to-date information.
  • Auto-detection of GPS receiver.
  • Support of GPS receivers with NMEA-0183 protocol.
  • Support of selected GARMIN GPS receivers.
  • Possibility of working with points and routes (GARMIN).
  • Possibility of system time synchronizing with GPS.
  • Standard feature of all NaviGate versions.


Remote control of the NaviGate desktop application through external executable file (Command Line Interface). Remote control communicates with NaviGate through UDP communication. Thus it is possible to control the NaviGate desktop application also from other network computers (needs to be permitted).
Remote control module is a part of Enterprise version.

Application examples:

  • Linkage to other programs and information systems.
  • Large-screen projection at dispatching centers.